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How do you know,

I ask you again,

How do you know about this news,

About this spiritual soul,

They say that she took her flight to the heavens,

A flight to the heavens,

 Say that again,


Maya Angelo,

That is what is said,

Someone said that her works, her missions, her everything

here was finished,

Finished I say again,

And so they said that then she just up and left,

Left all she matriculated here, all that she had ever accomplished through out

the pages of history, and time,

For mankind to moan, groan,

Weep about and pray,

Why if you talk to some others you will find that

It is the marking of a grand celebration,

Now tell me just how celebrating someone who is now

dead a celebration someone did ask,

In fact,

Explain to me what you mean by this,

 Is what was asked,

And said,

This celebration is for the soul of a poet,

Quite remarkable indeed,

Gone to meet Sweet Jesus,

Gone to rest her head with his,

For most all, the interpretation is simply called dead,

But for me instead,

I see her with those golden fingers still writing new intelligent,

Angelic pieces for the angels to speak out loud above the luminous


While walking down the golden streets as they pass saints,

You know who saints are right,
Those are the folks who lives became inspirations to the

dust people,

Us I say,


Why when she broke through those heavenly realms,

The cheers were so loud, and thunderous,

Why the celebration there sent water raindrops all the way down here,

It did rain, here I say,

For a couple of days,

You know it rained down here all the way around the world,

But in heaven,

She now has her words flowing,

Telling the glorious experiences there on forever non expiring paper,

As the saints of all times gather to hear what next angelic verses she may put 

together with the angelic saintly intelligence that she will forever display,

Why even Sweet Jesus stops what He is doing to listen to whatever she

might compose and say next,

We celebrate your lovely soul,

We honor and reverence the time and space that you filled with your

Voice, song, intelligence,

Spoken words, plays,

The embodiment of the woman you evolved to be and expressed

So vividly, boldly and with undeniable grace,

Fashioned always by the truth almost missed between the messages,

The messages of overcoming of ourselves in order to be crowned by grace,

The messages of unity and love between mankind no matter the races,

The messages of uplifting of the souls,

The acceptance of the struggles,

While shocking others and bursting the views of those who like

To live in their own created bubbles,

No one will ever brace the pages of history as a poet, play wright, talented 

actress, activist, like you have, and did,

So I end this honorary solute to you in words by you best said,

I rise,

I rise,

Until I meet Sweet Jesus,

I rise I rise,

Until I embrace my heavenly, transformed being,

I rise I rise,

Until my home in heaven I walk valiantly,

Where I will forever write poetic messages,

With those golden fingers of mine,

Stored in a place called forever time,

I rise,

I rise,

I rise,

I rise!


POET/Author Thelma Cunningham




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You are soft and covering,
As I move, you provide,
Yes! Some have been infamous
under you,
That is true,
not the majority I say,
No! Not the majority at all.
One way direction,
Forward, I press,
Sometimes simply breezing by the things I pass,
Destination without procrastination,
Snuggled under so tightly as I walk,
To cold to do without you,
Bold enough to speak about you,
You are worn in different styles from
culture to culture by any human,
This includes,
Youngins, woman, men,
How is it that for only one culture you
represent only danger, only sin?
Couldn’t that sin apply to most anyone?
It is the behavior associated with it when done
that fuels the fear,
Know that it is true for any culture, any time,
and anywhere.
Understand that this is
not the only selected choice and gear,
Folks do what they plan in the face that smiles ,
With no covering at all,
Without any regard, respect, repentance or fear.



"Who Was I"

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Who Was I
Was I my mother’s son,
Was I the beloved,
hallowed born male
in my family,
My father’s delight and yet,
There was born two,
But now tragically only
left to bring in the family
off spring only one,
Were my cries, my bemoans
for life,
For help,
 Below the moon that
pierced the dark, velvet sky,
That aphotic, cryptic night,
Did they echo the cries that  took
place way back when the slaves
cried and bewailed as they were drug to the
shores of no more?
Who was there to hear my cries of  help?
Who was there for me as I let out my last
sighs as I died?
I lay on a cold slate three days like a
tossed away slave,
Cold, lifeless and alone,
Ignored, and tossed to the side
my phone,
Just long enough to cover up
any truth that might would
have come out,
Now framed and being blamed,
Disgrace being placed by my name,
I fought as hard as I could to live,
I tell you, I did,
I was ever so brave,
As on the grass I lay,
That night that I fought for my life
and my right to live and travel as I did,
I fought to be where I was,
I fought for the right to walk freely as me
under that beaming moonlight,
I fought for the right to be a dark skinned
man given the right to place a hood
of cover over my head because
of the cold and rain,
I fought for the right to embrace my family
But tragically,
A frightful, calamitous,
Insufferable, appalling,
gruesome, grim demise
would be my plight,
And now after all you have done,
You try to damage and further devalue
my lifeless being,
You want to squash who I was
like a bug under your foot with
no meaning,
The heavens have intervened,
The world has told you no,
This is and was our son,
A human being,
Our brother,
A destined father,
His mother’s and his dad’s adored son,
Our beloved one,
And oh no we are not done,
From the highest office,
To the furthest part of the world,
Just about everyone,
They heard and hear the grief of a
Grieving mom and dad,
They hear my cries too finally
although I do not dwell any longer
under the sun but rest in the Son,
Justice for me is reigning,
As I rest with God’s son.
We got you covered Trayvon Martin.

AS An Army We Must Break The Violence So Fluid In Our Society For One Cruel Reason Or The Other We Pacify Ourselves With. For You See It Never Matters When It Is Not At Your Door Step!



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Do You know That I Forgive You
I really do not understand
how I can,
Or why,
Immeasurable hurt abounded inside
after you,
This thing, these things you did,
I was perplexed, confused and
wondered why,
Because hurt may come when people
make mistakes,
But when done on purpose,
Many a soul inside dies,
And gloom,
I knew I had to find myself
Or my life was over soon,
Could I find the strength to forgive,
Pass all the hurt,
Self blame and even shame,
My groaning enlightened my senses
And allowed me to refute every
self accusation of blame,
But, I forgive you,
My feelings swayed like leaves blown
By a strong wind,
Back and forth,
Sometimes fiercely and other times violent,
Wanting revenge as I cried,
Inconsolable whimpers,
Inner being left hollow,
Then miraculously,
My emotions,
They finally subsided,
Allowing a shimmer of healing inside,
I lamented,
I started listening to a minister,
Forgivenessis what is constantly ministered,
Well, when you are hurting,
Truly wounded,
Pounded by the offense, offenses,
Memories hurling you to the abyss,
Nothing said like forgiveness most times
In fact,
You would rather die,
But ,
Inside I did, I continued to die,
My soul inside continued to die,
I realized that I had to let this go,
This one thing I now understand and realize,
That is,
Bring all and every situation to God who
Already knows,
And ask him to help you to heal and forgive,
Jesus will handle the situations and comfort your
My advice to you is live,
Let it go,
Let Jesus carry the hurt,
Take care of restoration,
Take care of justification,
Grant you a resurrection and
manifestation of acceptance and love,
Bless you,
Give you peace and nourish your soul.
And if you are the offender,
To Jesus you bow your knees,
Ask for forgiveness please,
And those who you are offending,
Let them go,
The freedom you give them is the same
freedom that will save your own soul.

"The Again And Again Praise"

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The Again And Again Praise
Jesus, Heavenly
Thank you for the
again and again
I know that I need you still again and again,
I know that the battle you have already won,
Jesus I know and before all declare you as my
And God’s son,
Having said all that,
This does not mean that I will not have to come
to you again and again,
You are aware of this and that is how you said
for it to be,
Depending on you for all and everything,
I thank you for always making provision for all
my needs and
for totally forgiving my sins, taking away
penalties and understanding me,
I so dearly need your help,
Every kind of blessing that I am in advance
thanking you for
and that I am always confessing again and again,
When my enemies try to make me ashamed that I
need you again and again,
Strengthen me Lord Jesus with your anointed
caring favor,
When I fall weak from the battle at your alter
sometimes in despair,
Please send the help that I prayed for and need
from far and near,
You are the God who never sleeps or
Forgets anything ever except my sins,
So again and again here I am,
Pouring out my heart,
Stress and troubles,
And yes,
As usual,
I need you again and again,
Sometimes it is family troubles,
Sometimes it is marriage difficulties,
Sometimes my selfish unforgiving attitude,
Yet, forgiveness is what I’ll need the most,
Sometimes it is financial crisis,
Sometimes it is flesh control issues that may be,
And yes, I need deliverance form these or that,
Most times it may be deliverance from cruel
enemies that are quite shrewd,
That plan my demise constantly and down fall,
The strife and ending of my life,
They plot and schedule my humiliation and
They put me on display the same way they did
you on many a day,
They strategize my dilemmas,
They set up the trials and trauma that bring tears
to my face,
Again and again,
You send your deliverance,
You apply your mercy and grace,
You grant the favor and answers to my petitions,
All my trespasses and sins under your salvation
plan are totally forgiven,
And although I learn righteous lessons through
the trials and the load I through humility bear,
Again and again I thank you for always blessing
Sending deliverance and,
 Always being there.


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Round and round,
Picking up and throwing houses,
cars,buildings, structures and objects
violently to the ground,
The trees split,
The wind blows with fierce force and forms
a rapid rotating funnel twist,
Objects are spinning around, above and within
the funnel’s vortex inner midst,
Hail and rain usually accompanies this wind storm,
However, it does appear with just magnanimous
clouds and winds alone,
It shatters glass and any and everything fragile in
its path,
Take shelter or you will be caught up in the winds
fierce blast,
Folks take shelter and hover inquisitively in areas
that are deemed safe,
Hoping that the winds by pass their space,
Meteorologist call them twisters or cyclones,
It is a ripping, roaring, rotating dangerous column
of air,
The term supercellular refers to when it develops over
bodies of water and only there.
It connects to the surface of the earth and a
cumulonimbus cloud,
The narrow end of the funnel touches the earth
and grounds,
Lightening will appear in spurts,
And it is accompanied by debris and dust or dirt,
Then when all the wind is gone,
It is time to repair all the damage that is done.
Hopefully, none of your kin and friends were tossed
by the storm,
And yes, by your side and in your arms they all
are left as well you unharmed.


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Yet another reminder,
Oh No!
Moments surreal, time stood
Pondering!Stunned! Locomotion!
Mind in  vague trance time,
Cartilage  now begins to lye,
Lifeless  osseous matter transpired,
Souls flying  all at once to the sky,
Violence, annihilation is here,
Tragedy not  scarce,
Tragedy not  rare
Death too  now here,
Still dismayed   today,
Gone away,
Tumultuous    travesty,
Far gone,
No win,
No win   again,
Reminder of   kinder,
Reminder of  care,
Your still   here,
Not gone,  not gone,
By the grace  of God,
Meditation  and prayer,
Souls flew  away while bodies lied
motionless   as they fell,
Fly away  beyond the clouds,
Gone away, gone away now,
Our town of  tears applicable here,
Smiles  turned upside down,
Inconsolable   hours,
Flowers to lie,
Teddy Bears   and candles on display,
Cards with  expressions and posters
beside each  other lay,
Hugs for  pain,
Now the  blame,
No words  alleviate grief,
Now time   stands still before it fly’s
with cries,
Far better to  care,
Perhaps  passion,
Too late,
Consequences  of hate,
Perpetuated state  of   hate,
Avoidable  fate,
Now a soul  is through the never to return gates,
Never to  return gates await,
Frigid, bleak state,
At best the  rest,
Left with  recoiling memories of pleasant,
special  occasions all now cherishing,
Bitter  sweet,
Bitter sweet  feelings now you keep as you weep,
Reminder to  love,
Reminder to  care,
Your still  here, not gone,
Not gone,
Reminder to read  God’s word, obey it, love and care.

"A Tribute To Whitney"

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Stairway To Jesus         
Although I walked this realm many a life given step,
Although I caressed your face
and dried
tears on many a day that you
I will always do the same, no
where I am.
Even though I am in a heaven destined
Not the same, but yet I do and always
will remain,
Above the clouds, I know me, you right now may not envision or
Just know that although you weep, I hear and I do
understand your grief,
And one day, yes, you will here with me live and be,
When you see a floating cloud know that,
I am resting in Jesus.
I am resting in Jesus.
I know that you are hurting and grieving.
I know tears are streaming,
I know that your heart aches and brakes.
And, you may also be thinking was it something that
you could have done?
We all have a destiny at an appointed time.
Each and every one,
This, anticipate,
No matter the circumstances, no matter,
Our days are accounted for under the sun.
The stairway to Jesus we must then climb.
That bright lit journey that is heavenly devised,
Away from all life’s pressures, expectations,
dire situations, sorrows, struggles,
But not all strain,
There was also success, love, joy, and divine happiness,
Most of all,
My love for you all too, that is and will never, ever change,
Especially for you, dearest,
Most of all in your heart of love I will always too remain.
I gave my all and many a soul it blessed,
My Jesus knew my needs and granted what was best,
Divine rest,
Hear me as I sing,
Yes Jesus loves me,
Yes Jesus loves me,
And this I leave and all my worldly treasures for
a realm far better,
So when you think of a bright sunny day,
My love will comfort and light your way.
When the breezes blow softly in Spring,
When the songs of the birds you hear singing,
And when on fresh falling snow the sparkles of sun rays glisten,
And when in your mind me you are missing,
Sing a song with me and my love will sparkle like gleaming sun rays,
 comfort like soft, warm Spring breezes,
and bring melodies of joy and love from the birds you’ll hear singing.
In the night,
A blanket of velvet sky that covers the earth with
stars is where I’ll gleam,
I’ll be next to Jesus night and day,
In His eternal presence,
And in you love, I will, as I mentioned always stay,
But until you are able to see my smile, hear my voice again and I yours,
Just know that I walked the stairway to heaven.
And that Jesus greeted me,
And all of heaven’s host proclaimed,
“Welcome Home”


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Something Is Broken
Slit, Slit,
You may not get this,
Slit, Slit,
That is just a mournful, gripping, display,
Affliction, crucifying addiction,
Scars it always bears on the skin,
 Blood oozing, nullifying weariness,
State of flesh rare with aching
wounds baring the pains I incubate,
Inside, hollow, blurry tomorrow,
Slit, slit, burn, burn,
Something is broken,
No one to hear,
No one to understand,
No one to care,
Sometimes burns,
Depending upon whose hurting,
Out of here despair,
Somehow this is what I’ll do to declare,
Something is broken,
Miss it, dismiss it, condemned,
Injury, laceration, complications,
Wounded inside, wounded outside,
Annoyance to acknowledge,
Pestering, embarrassing at best,
So how do you handle this so called
Bothersome, excruciating, exasperating,
Inflaming, injurious, vexing ordeal,
How do you approach?
How do you begin to embrace, face this harrowing,
complex, yet reachable heartand soul sickness?
One loving word at a time,
One loving I love you at a time,
One I’ll listen and let you talk at a time,
One Jesus is the answer who is always ready to listen,
care, be there when no one else is at a time.
One I am here and do care to listen at a time,
How do you reach a soul, heart, that is crying out from
a living purgatory?
One loving, saving answer at a time.


Another Soul

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Another Soul
Another soul flew away.
The cruelty of bullying is
tragically still the enemy and device
of choice used to accomplish the precious
waste of God given life daily.
And so now the angels part the heavens
and welcome another vexed, precious soul today,
I still do not care rages the possessed humans
in need of God’s guidance and caring ways.
Have you no love in your heart at all?
What about a bit of empathy and sympathy please?
How about some humbleness?
How about some prayer?
How can such little ones continue to behave
in such awful ways?
Who has failed?  Who is the blame?  Is it me, you, us?
Surely it is not God and so we all must take a stand against
this or take the blame. 
Generate love to all daily and not misery and shame.
Compliment and not ridicule which creates toss a ways.
Give guidance, structure, encouragement, and love.
Teach right from wrong and demonstrate this openly.
not just speak about it as if it is unworthy, uncool attributes
not really needed at all.
Don’t compromise and choose just a few who
this will be given gladly, compassionately,
and definitely to. 
How will the young ones change if the adults
are acting out the same mannerisms as well.
The changes begin in the guiders and
that means our local and national leaders
and not just me and you.
Start becoming involved again in every aspect
of life that comes across your path.
Care and watch for the travelers.  Jesus said that
this is necessary and best.
We are not called to be perfect,
But we are called to care, respect, love and forgive,
To help out one another in this world where we all live,
To teach Godly principles and we must apply them first and foremost
to our self and those we claim and give life to that are born,
Love travels along way and you too will need it on many a day.
Caring is the new fashion so try it on and wear it well.
Throw away the bully outfit. It is an awful outfit, garment with a terrible
constructed, mill dew fabric in dire need of riddance anyway.