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Author Thelma C. C.





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More Poem Samples From Majestic Poetry

Posted on September 17, 2011 at 11:39 PM
 More Poem Samples From Majestic Poetry 

Newest Book: Majestic Poetry


Where I choose to travel,
You must be wise to follow.
It is the way of the cross.

Do I Hurt Alone

You told me that you loved me.
You said take my hand,
You said take my heart,
You said that you are my man and that together,
 forever no matter what our love would conquer all, last and stand,
And I believed you because you said it and you are my man,
You said that you loved me because there was never a
heartbeat in your heart like the heartbeat
you felt and heard once your heart rhythm did pitter patters with mine,
I flowed in harmony with you on energy that you gave me daily,
With you, my heart pounded out harmonious rhythms, and my very emotions,
found its place in time.
You never left my side.
You held me when I cried.
You placed your hand in mine as we walked together.
Sat and talked together,
As we stood before the minister and said eternal vows together,
You were gracious, chivalrous, noble,
My magnanimous, benevolent, philanthropic being,
You loved me and I thought that the earth had moved,
You gave me thundering, yet tender love,
This awakened my female insides,
And so now I am desirous for your comforts,
You were my earthly king.
You were my earthly warrior.
The elegant, powerful, stout, robust, fortified fleshly edifice,
If you say now that you feel nothing and that from me your heart beat you
take back from mine,
I'll miss its sound and comfort,
I will yearn for you, your love and your protection.
But I will just have to heal with time.


I really get tired of looking for socks that do not match any more.
What am I supposed to do?
Am I supposed to keep on buying more from the store?
My mom use to take all the mixed matched socks and make puppets out of them.
Now instead of socks, there is a draw full of talking sock friends.
So I guess what I am saying is that I have the sock blues,
Some socks that you lose are your favorites or worn and torn,
Some are faded and some have stringy strings that if pulled,
The shape will be no more,
So I guess it is best to do like all the rest and go to the store
and simply buy some more.

Categories: Poetry

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