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Author Thelma C. C.





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"A Tribute To Whitney"

Posted on February 14, 2012 at 9:06 AM
Stairway To Jesus         
Although I walked this realm many a life given step,
Although I caressed your face
and dried
tears on many a day that you
I will always do the same, no
where I am.
Even though I am in a heaven destined
Not the same, but yet I do and always
will remain,
Above the clouds, I know me, you right now may not envision or
Just know that although you weep, I hear and I do
understand your grief,
And one day, yes, you will here with me live and be,
When you see a floating cloud know that,
I am resting in Jesus.
I am resting in Jesus.
I know that you are hurting and grieving.
I know tears are streaming,
I know that your heart aches and brakes.
And, you may also be thinking was it something that
you could have done?
We all have a destiny at an appointed time.
Each and every one,
This, anticipate,
No matter the circumstances, no matter,
Our days are accounted for under the sun.
The stairway to Jesus we must then climb.
That bright lit journey that is heavenly devised,
Away from all life’s pressures, expectations,
dire situations, sorrows, struggles,
But not all strain,
There was also success, love, joy, and divine happiness,
Most of all,
My love for you all too, that is and will never, ever change,
Especially for you, dearest,
Most of all in your heart of love I will always too remain.
I gave my all and many a soul it blessed,
My Jesus knew my needs and granted what was best,
Divine rest,
Hear me as I sing,
Yes Jesus loves me,
Yes Jesus loves me,
And this I leave and all my worldly treasures for
a realm far better,
So when you think of a bright sunny day,
My love will comfort and light your way.
When the breezes blow softly in Spring,
When the songs of the birds you hear singing,
And when on fresh falling snow the sparkles of sun rays glisten,
And when in your mind me you are missing,
Sing a song with me and my love will sparkle like gleaming sun rays,
 comfort like soft, warm Spring breezes,
and bring melodies of joy and love from the birds you’ll hear singing.
In the night,
A blanket of velvet sky that covers the earth with
stars is where I’ll gleam,
I’ll be next to Jesus night and day,
In His eternal presence,
And in you love, I will, as I mentioned always stay,
But until you are able to see my smile, hear my voice again and I yours,
Just know that I walked the stairway to heaven.
And that Jesus greeted me,
And all of heaven’s host proclaimed,
“Welcome Home”

Categories: Poetry